The Process

DemocracyKit is being built by local campaigners, for local campaigners. Individuals and campaign teams across Canada will have access to DemocracyKit and will be asked to contribute whatever they can to develop it. Whether it’s an article like a how-to guide for door-to-door canvassing, a campaign budget spreadsheet template or a $25 donation – every contribution counts!

Phase 1: Team roundtables

Beginning in October 2016, we are asking experienced campaign teams to host facilitated roundtables to develop recommendations for DemocracyKit content.

Any team can host a roundtable. All you need is one team member to facilitate the session. Sign up and we’ll provide your facilitator with a 30-minute training webinar covering the roundtable agenda and feedback process.

On October 25, the first DemocracyKit Town Hall will be hosted in Toronto. We will present results of the team roundtables to-date and attendees will be asked for input.

Phase 2: Funding

In early November 2016 the DemocracyKit crowdfunding campaign launches. Funds raised will allow us to develop the initial DemocracyKit knowledge library, campaign plans and online courses.

Phase 3: Content development

We will host a DemocracyKit Town Hall to report back. A panel of municipal campaigners will present plans for content development. The Town Hall will be livestreamed so that community members across Canada can participate.

Volunteer-driven working groups will develop the DemocracyKit knowledge library, campaign plans and online courses. Want to get involved? Sign up here.

Phase 4: Launch

Launch of DemocracyKit is targeted for Spring 2017 to allow campaign teams preparing for a municipal election in 2018 to have more than six months to prepare using DemocracyKit.